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Bernadette's Story

I was feeling ugly and continuously cutting my hair short to hide the dull and dry damaged hair.

I was so happy that my hair is getting healthy and getting smoother with every use of the product, I don't have to cut my hair really short just to get
rid of the damaged hair.

Leonie's Story

I’m 64 and have had problems with dry and thinning hair for some years. I’ve tried numerous hair thickening products and not really found anything that shows new regrowth. Its very upsetting when I used to have glossy thick hair although I understand growing older is part of the issue I really wanted to keep what hair I had left.

I started using Plantur 39 shampoo/conditioner and tonic and after 2 weeks I noticed little hairs sticking out on top of my head. It was new regrowth! My Hair is now really thickening up and growing faster.

For women I feel hair has a lot to do with confidence, for me at least I now feel I have some control over what’s happened since menopause.

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