Hair Damage

How can I tell if my hair is damaged?

Nearly every woman will experience fragile hair, split ends or dry hair caused by hair damage. When your hair is damaged it may break or fall out more often leading to hair thinning. When our hair is healthy, it feels smooth and silky. If the hair has been placed under a great deal of stress, it is rougher, duller and more matte. You can recognise damaged hair from the following symptoms:

  • Rupture of hair (lacking strength)
  • Hair is difficult to comb
  • Split ends
  • Matte hair, lacking shine
  • Frizzing of the hair
  • Little volume
  • The hair feels dry

External influences that can damage the hair

  • Styling, long periods of sun bathing or chlorine water in a swimming pool. Your hair is primarily damaged by these factors:
  • Chemical treatment, e.g. from bleaching, dyeing, straightening or a perm
  • Heat, e.g. from hair drying, hair curlers or hair straighteners
  • Physical stress, e.g. from strong brushing or a tight ponytail
  • UV radiation
  • Water retention