The Secret To Healthier And Thicker Hair

the secret on how to get volumised hair - increase hair volume  with healthier hair

Phyto-Caffeine Complex Helps Women Over 40 Add Sheen and Body to Thinning Hair

For years, the Research Department of the Dr. Wolff Group sought to perfect a formula that would help women over 40 maintain healthy and thick-looking hair as they entered their menopausal years. 

After much research and experimentation, Dr. Wolff’s R&D in collaboration with German scientists came up with a phyto-caffeine complex that strengthens thinning hair and helps to maintain healthy hair growth with daily normal wash. 

The result is a unique formula now used in the Plantur 39 product range.

Caffeine is one of the most widely researched cosmetic ingredients in the world

What you apply to your scalp has an effect on the appearance and overall condition of the hair. Unless you’re using hair care products that have been especially formulated for thinning hair, you may end up with noticeably less volume over time.  

So how do you choose the right hair care products to help you keep your hair in great condition?

The answer is by creating a hair care routine that supports healthy and thick-looking hair in your years after 40s and to make sure this routine revolves around quality products like the Plantur 39 range. 

To decide on the best hair care routine, here are products you can use at home:

The Plantur 39 product range supports hair and scalp health, which is essential to hair growth. 

By adding Plantur 39 caffeine shampoo and conditioner to your hair care routine each day you’ll be getting a dose of healthy ingredients to make hair look shinier, fuller and more vibrant.


What if you want all the benefits of caffeine shampoo, but don’t have the time to (or don’t wish to) wash your hair every day?

Simply apply the Plantur 39 caffeine tonic onto your scalp, wait 2  minutes before styling, and you’ve got it covered without any fuss! No need to wash or rinse.


The Dr. Wolff’s R&D have also added white tea extract, niacinamide and zinc to Plantur 39’s unique formulation. This potent combination of  phytoflavones and micronutrients will nourish the scalp and hair strands while the Galenic preparation ensures maximum efficacy. 

Best of all, Plantur 39 hair care products have a pleasant scent that will make your daily hair ritual even more enjoyable.


Just use the Plantur 39 caffeine shampoo and conditioner like you would any other hair product – wash your hair with the caffeine shampoo leave it on for 2 minutes rinse then off follow with the conditioner everyday for the best results. To nourish your scalp apply the Plantur 39 caffeine tonic to the scalp and massage in. A scalp massage generally is beneficial as it can promote the micro-circulation of the skin and scalp.

When you use Plantur 39 every day, it will benefit your hair strength and make it look healthier and more voluminous. It’s a safe and simple way to improve the look and feel of thinning hair.


"I love the pleasant smell and smooth feel of the shampoo. It lathers easily and I saw improvements to my hair condition after about a week's use of Plantur 39! It is definitely one of the better products that i have used in recent years! Have already bought my next bottle and shared with friends the benefits of Plantur 39."
- Kate C.
"Hair seems 'fuller' and less oily scalp. Will definitely continue to use the product and in fact I've just bought the conditioner and tonic today."
- Joanelle
"I love Plantur as my hair I could not manage and was not growing and losing it. Now I cannot imagine the difference it has made since using it. I recommend it to everyone. A wonderful Shampoo and conditioner. Have never looked back."
- Merle C.
"Someone had recommended the shampoo to me to help with thin hair . I have been using my shampoo for two weeks and cannot believe the difference ... My hair feels healthier and thicker , it’s even grown . I’m so grateful for this product !"
- Jamie-Lee B.
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