Plantur Brown Hides Your Roots

Plantur Brown Hides Your Roots

Covers stray greys, no problem!

Introducing Plantur 39 Colour Brown

How do you freshen up your hair colour? We have a safe and easy solution for brunettes who are bothered by their roots: Plantur 39 Colour Brown. It washes colour into your hair without you having to do any complex colouring procedures. No experiments, no hair stress – with Plantur 39 Colour Brown. Say goodbye to the first grey hairs and light roots.

The Plantur 39 colour effect

Plantur 39 Colour Brown helps to tide you over between visits to the hairdresser. The cosmetic pigments in the products are deposited on the outside of each hair to intensify its natural colour. The brown becomes more intense every time you wash your hair. The first grey hairs and light roots are concealed. The colour becomes more vibrant with every use.

For the perfect result:

Phyto-Caffeine Shampoo Colour Brown

For a breathtaking shade of brown

  • Conceals annoying roots and first grey hairs
  • Colour becomes more intense with every wash

Colour Brown Conditioner

For a breathtaking shade of brown

  • Boosts the colour-intensifying effect of the shampoo
  • Makes your hair a more vibrant colour and leaves it easier to comb
  • Work the conditioner throughout the hair (from the roots to the ends)
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