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The Most Common Hair Concerns among Women Over 40

Some women breeze through their 40s. Others find it more difficult to cope with the changes that are taking place in their lives – and their bodies. Thinning hair is a major concern for women over 40. It is one of the earliest and most visible changes one might notice as they enter menopause.  Although […]

The Secret To Healthier And Volumised Hair

Phyto-Caffeine Complex Helps Women Over 40 Add Sheen and Body to Thinning Hair For years, the Research Department of Dr. Wolff Group’s Cosmetic Division sought to perfect a formula that would help women over 40 maintain healthy and thick-looking hair as they entered their menopausal years.  After much research and experimentation, Dr. Wolff’s R&D in […]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Menopause

It’s a shame that we don’t talk about menopause openly enough. It’s not a disease – it’s merely a part of a woman’s sexual maturation. And while menopause is inevitable, the suffering that comes with it is not. By clarifying some of the myths, fears, and confusion around menopause, we hope to assist you and […]

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